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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

It's basically a verb conjugator and verb search utility for over 5,000 French verbs, but it's awesome (and different from the other guys) because
  • you can search by any conjugated form of a verb, so searching for "vais" will return "aller" (and alot of other verbs) - which is really cool if you read a word (a verb in this case) and don't know the infinitive
  • what you search for can be anywhere in the word, not just the beginning
  • it uses AJAX to get data, so the results appear in real time without having to submit a form and go to a different page
  • it works awesomely on mobile devices, no zooming or anything
  • no need to type accents or other special characters
Pourquoi l'avez-vous fait?
  • I'm learning French and I was angered that all of the iPhone apps for verb conjugations either suck or cost money
  • Sure, there are tons of websites that do verb conjugations, but they either weren't formatted very well for the iPhone (zooming and stuff) or I just didn't like them for other reasons
  • Why not?! I'm kind of a computer guy and I actually enjoy this kind of stuff, and I was looking for a fun and useful project
Les Reconnaissances

I did the entire site by myself (with some help from jQuery), but I didn't conjugate over 5,000 verbs by myself (or at all). I found a CSV file on GitHub belonging to Ian MacKinnon that contained most of the data that is used, I don't know if he made the file, but that's where I got it.
Usage Tips
  • when you start typing in the search field results display under the search field after 3 characters are entered
  • after results are diaplayed you can use the down arrow key to navigate to the results section, you can then use your arrow keys to move around the results - press the enter key to see the conjugations of a selected verb
Make it an app!

If you have an iOS device you can add freeVerb to your home screen, just tap the Share button and then tap Add to Home Screen. You can get more information here.