my name is charles, i am in my thirties, and i live in atlanta.


i wouldn't go as far as to say that i have any "skills", but here a few things that i can talk about for quite a while:

  • web development - you know, like html, css, javascript, web 2.0
  • web app development - grails, rails, php - massive and agile data-driven apps
  • sql (particularly oracle) and pl/sql - don't even get me started on analytical functions
  • physics
  • linguistics
  • world war 2

the purpose of formal education isn't to teach you things (clearly, learning things in school is very important) - it's to teach you how to learn. the things about which i know the most didn't come to me from formal education, it's all about diving into the deep end and figuring it out yourself - with that said:

b.s. in biology - clayton state university - 2007

b.s. in physics - georgia tech - 2009

m.s. in computer science - university of west georgia - 2016